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Grief is a very normal feeling that comes from losing a pet, although not everyone will understand the feelings of loss and pain that one may experience. There are pet loss hotlines available for immediate emotional support, and pet loss and counseling services as well for any ongoing needs.

Often times memorializing your pet can be helpful with the grieving process. Some ways that people may choose to do remember their companion include:

  • A framed photo, sometimes sent to an artist to be recreated on canvas in painting form
  • Written stories or poems
  • Creating a scrapbook which has both photos and stories, either by hand or from an online service such as Shutterfly
  • Planting a special tree or flowering shrub
  • Having ashes preserved in a special urn, or taking the ashes to a special place such as the mountains
  • Placing a special stone marker or garden statue or art in your garden
  • Contributing to a favorite animal welfare organization, veterinary hospital’s Good Samaritan fund, or disease research foundation in your pet’s honor
  • Creating an online tribute to your pet, either as part of a website for that purpose or create your own specific website